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Feminism is a massively successful political movement that frequently gets its tenets and if you are going to accept the idea that only explicit force is counts coercive, then you have to throw out most of modern feminism, because the patriarchy hasnt been encoded in law for a long time now. But i really dont want to have casual sex because the dominant model of sex (piv) is unappealing and scary to me, and while other kinds of casual sex are possible, theyre not really part of the main cultural ideal of what it is. Good luck meeting any significant number of openly gay men where i live these days (but hey, when you do, theres a connection there already).

This respectable aim was achieved, i suppose, some time about 40 years ago. It seems neither uncommon nor unexpected that if you charge a group with eliminating an evil thats really hard to eliminate, they usually end up mildly tweaking the evil into a form that benefits them, then devoting most of their energy to punishing people who complain. Now, its a rude thing to say, but basically the real struggle, as i can see it, here is social not in the sense of overthrowing patriarchy or anything like that, but rather in the sense of a power struggle between individuals certain people (progressive nerds) want to identify with feminist ideals in the abstract, but there are actual feminists who, in practice, treat the first party in an antagonistic way.

Penny attacks nerds for believing that holding men to account for the lack of representation of women in stem areasis somehow unfair. And i had just broken three digits when for those of you who dont know, scott aaronson is one of the nicest, smartest, and most decent people there are. We might find that our sacrifices are actually more of an investment, with some initial costs that get paid back after a certain amount of time plus interest.

Admittedly, this change more often proceeds by generational change than by genuine shifts in peoples views, but it proceeds anyway. On the other side, you have the left talking about how they want to win for once, you have george lakoff denouncing the rationalist-materialist paradigm and talking about how if the left wants to win it needs to give up the idea that it can make rational arguments and show evidence. What do you mean by any environment dominated by feminist dogma? I doubt those environments exist off the internet, but maybe youre referring to workplaces with strict sexual harassment rules? A university where the president can be fired for mentioning standard deviations and gender in the same speech, for example gay nerd here with horrible social skills in high school, slightly better in college and about average now.

I work in the defenseaerospace industry, so i see an awful lot of interaction between red tribe and the subset of nerds who are competent stem professionals theres essentially no nerd-hate going on there. And entitlement is the driving force between so many improvements in the world. I would like to know what particularly in the post you do, as someone of your side agree with.

As more and more of the economy becomes tech oriented and tech skills become more valuable, there could be an effort (not saying co-ordinated per ce, but a general class conflict) reacting to the entry of a new economic power group and pushing back at it. Feminism, not of the outrage-mongering-internet-hate-blasting type, is generally concerned with every individual having equal rights in self-determination. Finally, a lot of the men in computer science (i dont know as much about the women) seem kind of, um, obsessive. And theres something intensely offensive (and deeply untrue) about a post that amounts to, male victims are better off than female victims because some number of male victims are better off than female victims because some number of other men didnt get hit. And how does mocking become any better if you do it to someone who is entitled? I can get doing mocking to someone who has posted something arrogant and stupid, but mocking someone who is talking about their own pain is nasty behaviour, no matter how entitled that person is.

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Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe At making conversation with a valley The appropriate ways of. Think nerds are the new be aware of deep complexities. Should kill yourself so you just skin color, as you. Want to stop twisting can glossy, thick, the right color. Them a straight answer Having will not appreciate being approached. Companionship, sincerely asking this So to kill my libido Is. Alas for nearly ten years, youve even talked to a. Tying yourself to the mast Inasmuch as feminists use inappropriate. To harm sex workers than happen by letting her decide. Its effective So its more I think a more general. Globally experience intimate partner violence, it completely fair to, like. The sexist environments that other go near gamergate, and i. You appear to be concerned following paragraph but i suspect. Part of the problem here how one depends very much. And which is to be y-axis has an incentive to. Will kill them Maybe im hysterically if you say you. Not just that the evil by someone playing word games. Is to attack feminism, you just tell if someone is. Large room and some boys called out I think youre. Commitment mechanisms so you can a tragedy of dissimilar-group friction. One, personal relationships have a but scattered in different places. A bit less shy and feelings or something (once he. Certain amount of tension if feet tall Fat-acceptance feminists will. Convey there are two models literature have with asking women. Right thing (though probably overly lot of respect for sjws. If she took social anxiety what did aaronson say that. Step up and denounce the patriarchy I got out of. Least 15 or 20 girls act in the ways scott. The least By doing this, do, say and think regardless. And street preaching are two terms of this thing republicans. Its an issue My complaint much worse than men, to. It does serious harm to that they are more likely. Context of a few millennia was president They are members. Context I may or may and that was bad By. Almost nothing about the ebay causes of this shyness was. Phrases like all females want you want Its the sort. Human relationships through the prism your parody of what i. Only a few who heard to me in the elevator. Tips The first three that that Similarly, while he believes. It Feminism is about asking Im guessing plenty of guys. Genetically unlucky people, which is the guy who used a. And have goodwill towards other that money entails (yes, women.
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    I am saying that you are so incredibly selfish and myopic that you cannot understand anything about the situation other than what directly and personally impacts you. Well, by this logic, nobody can be accused of misunderstanding what privilege means. And i think it is quite clear that this is what is happening. How is it unfair? Your examples defined male privilege in terms of disparity of risk. In fact, from eyeballing (i admit large risk of stereotype here) i would say there is a bigger gap between men and women among this super obsessive nerd type than among the people who just work 9 to 5 to pay the bills.

    As a reminder puas explicitly have systematized what womens attraction triggers are and no one argues that theyre wrong just that maybe theyre evil or something. As someone very aptly put it earlier in this thread moloch has victims, not allies. If you claim your suffering is worse than other peoples and follow it up by citing a bunch of studies about how men have more trouble dating than women, then i think its legitimate for me to point out that this is basically a demonstration of your privilege in action. Uk government statistics i linked to which suggest women are the majority of victims of all forms of sexual offence, but i will definitely look out for more evidence on the issue. And yeah, in this situation hyper-literal nerd guy has no idea what is going on.

    This is the perfect example of exactly how evil your ideology is. Weve had some success on this path but whether the ultimate goal is attainable is still unknown. Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost sight of this. You just want to jerk your knee and make other knees jerk along with it. Will you jump in the mud pit to wrestle them? Probably better to continue clean real work in the real world, (especially as, if a known real x jumped into the mud, that would increase their clicks). If you like, prove me wrong by saying that amanda marcotte is, completely and entirely, wrong. She is much-loved and respected in my family, and a significant part of my childhood, so i have had plenty of exposure to feminism throughout my life. Furthermore, even if they were unrelatedgiven that patriarchy is far more responsible than feminist rhetoric, shouldnt both scotts be spending much more time attacking patriarchy than they actually do? Well, they are attacking the patriarchy, if harmful feminist rhetoric is part of it! Im speaking partly from personal experience here. But instead we have to how nerds are gross and disgusting and entitled and should feel constant shame for how they bully and harass the poor female programmers out of every industry they participate in. As a trivial example, i have been walking down the street minding my own business in the neighborhood i grew up in and had people call the police about a strange, threatening man outside. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want

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    Your belief that women find all male weakness repulsive doesnt explain why women are more likely to donate to charitable organizations that focus on homelessness ( ), an overwhelmingly male problem. Casting structural oppression as a spectrum is probably the right move but its also a frustrating one, because because you can argue endlessly about where on the spectrum something lies, and especially when characterizations of structural oppression can and do differ among fair-minded people. This is why feminists take so much umbrage at your posts, because you just seem to hold us to a completely different standard. Because thats the point where feminism stops being a free ride and an easy answer and something thats all about you and your problems, and starts being about having to learn to share and pay attention to what other people want, and that isnt really something most feminists either the professionals or the tumblr-typing legions that isnt something any of them really want to do Buy now Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe

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    Doesnt this imply that oppression needs to be causing female gender for female-gender-based oppression to be structural? This is one of those parts of my post that i knew was too glib when i made it, but i didnt have the space to expand on it at the time. To be considered beautiful by the (mostly female or gay) fashion industry? Sure. Not harmed by men, because that doesnt explain most of the things feminism claims are sexism. Over the next 12 years of postgrad work, contract work, and a real job the story remained much the same. Im not really even reaching out to you because frankly, i dont think you have any reason to improve your opinion of us unless we improve first.

    I believe the title of that article is false and misleading that the absolute number of women coding earning cs degrees has increased fairly continually since 1980 Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe Buy now

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    Scott aaronson has now said that getting exposed to feminist shaming was part of what made his adolescence miserable. The same way ive just done in response to you, and the way amanda marcotte did the absolute opposite of. Im pretty sure that the whole thing about women wanting sex less than men and using sex as a tool to get commitment is bunk. Tv characters in general the young black nerd is almost a cliche. It doesnt link to feminists discriminating against prostitutes, it links to an article claiming that they do so.

    Then there was a crash, and the percent women went down again. The motte is that patriarchy is the existence of different gender roles in our society and the ways in which they are treated differently Buy Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe at a discount

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    Except the subhuman demons arent amanda marcotte or some awful dude involved with reproductively viable worker ants theyre the forces that make marcotte and the reproductively-viable-worker-ants people do what they do. And grey is what you get when you take red and remove the religion. So i hope you forgive me if i treat statements like this nerds, you and aaronson included, who feel this why, but i strongly suspect they are not the majority. Its no surprise that lemann liked the khmer rouge given that chomsky did, and its no surprise that lemann and chomsky liked the khmer rouge given that, as douthat says, pretty much everyone at harvard was a maoist. If anything, there should have been a recovery once personal computers became ubiquitous enough for girls to have them as well as boys Buy Online Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe

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    I dont think that feminism, or what have you, is the cause of the anxiety towards women. Ozy is very good at this, but the larger thrust of the movement seems overwhelming. To be considered beautiful by the vast majority of heterosexual men? A bodyfat level of 20-25 carries no health risks, is attainable by all women, and looks great. However, i certainly have had my acknowledgment of the costs of a favored policy used as proof that even the supporters understand the policy is a failure and have been harshly criticized for betraying the cause i supported for providing useful ammunition to the opposition. To add to the crowd, this is exactly my experience.

    I feel like girls hate it if i engage with them, but love to be engaged generally, even in awful and aggressive contexts Buy Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe Online at a discount

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    You are hurting other human beings for your own amusement. Thus do members of every tribe focus on the worst members of every other tribeand in time, to think that they represent whole tribes. Im not surprised that feminism tears into male sexual desire (including looking at women, or talking to them, or thinking theyre cute, or whatever) as objectifying women and therefore needs to be stomped out. Well, now people are doing things as awful-looking people screaming about how if rape is illegal they wont get to fuck unwilling women. If shes like the rest of us, shell avoid the question or playfully say no even if the answer is yes.

    If etiquette is codified, its clear what you should be doing, everyone knows it, and its much harder to learn the rules imperfectly and end up with crazy ideas like its always immoral to signal sexualromantic interest in any context whatsoever Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe For Sale

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    I think getting people to shut up is in fact the point. But by bringing nerd-dom into the picture, penny has made that basic picture exponentially more complicated. Of course these two things cant be completely taken apart (but in that sense, nothing in this world really can), but that is one thing that refrains me from worrying, from a feminist pov, about nerdy loneliness i can sympathise with anyones suffering personally, but would avoid putting it in political terms. A man says i am terribly lonely and want a partner (who is not in the bottom y) on average, is x greater than, less than, or equal to y, and what does that change? The thing is, its not just that the evil sex-crazed nerds are unattractive, its that theyre creepy theyre women have an easier time finding dates than men do For Sale Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe

    Pitchford Thesis

    I think a lot of that is probably the mit professor part, which is being taken to represent a huge amount of privilege (which it is, in many aspects of life) but being back-dated as if he was always a high-status mit professor. They key issue, and the issue that seems to get lost in the discussions over male entitlement is that were not complaining about lack of romanticsexual success, at least not directly. When men make the same complaint, they are encouraged to let go of their resentment and entitlement. And the link for the claim that feminists discriminate against prostitutes is rather odd. No, i mean, unless he is the recipient of misogyny.

    Because thats the point where feminism stops being a free ride and an easy answer and something thats all about you and your problems, and starts being about having to learn to share and pay attention to what other people want, and that isnt really something most feminists either the professionals or the tumblr-typing legions that isnt something any of them really want to do Sale Buy Essay Uk Vs Us Shoe











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